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[challenge entry] Old England's Done

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(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 10:38, archived)
# We're doomed
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 10:49, archived)
# Don't Panic!
Oh wait.. I mean "Panic!"
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 10:52, archived)
# when's everything going to go shit again?
coz it all seems the same at the moment.
just if I can book in when it's all gonna go wrong I can at least prepare myself and get some bully beef in.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 10:55, archived)
# I'm not expecting a cataclysm, more of a slow slide into the quagmire caused by indecision and confusion
Investors gonna stop investing, people gonna stop spending, economy shrivels and dies
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 10:58, archived)
# hasn't that been happening since forever?
so it'll be more of the same but maybe quicker?
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 11:00, archived)
# At the moment we're playing chicken with the EU
We won't trigger article50 until we know the deal we're going to get.. they won't discuss a deal until article 50 is triggered...

Whoever blinks first, will be the one whose economy is suffering the most
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 11:22, archived)
# well that sounds like a fun game.
politics are fun aren't they.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 11:30, archived)
# I know!
I haven't had this much fun for years!

Also, bear in mind, delaying is in our best interests because apparently we only have about 30 or so civil servants who have any experience with this kind of negotiation, and we're going to need hundreds....

So we might have to bring in some Foreigns to do the job...
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 11:35, archived)
# Boris is a foreign
He's an American!
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 11:38, archived)
# we should all be part of one big union
like, all of us, all humans, just together all happy and stuff.
I tell ya, when I'm king, things are gonna change, you'll see.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 11:43, archived)
# Yup
That'll be the day we abolish the monarchy.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 12:06, archived)
# well if by abolish you mean free cakes for everyone
then abolish me up!
(, Thu 30 Jun 2016, 12:28, archived)