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# Because you are belly-aching about it
On a broader note--wouldn't you say that 90% of the images posted on b3ta start with sources that someone else created? Just curious what your sudden concern is.
(, Tue 13 Mar 2018, 18:14, archived)
# I'm not bellyaching
I was genuinely curious what the original cartoon was. Tribs found the website and then I spotted the ridiculously ott FBI warning. I would have been remiss in my job of B3ta caretaker not to question whether you'd got permission from an artist so uptight about reuse of their pictures.

If you've seen the old paddington TV show issue a similar warning, by all means let us know.
(, Tue 13 Mar 2018, 21:42, archived)
# this is the worst image challenge entry ever
at least put an image up
(, Tue 13 Mar 2018, 22:10, archived)
# :D
drunk replying on my phone. all fingers and thumbs (weird expression, surely that's what you want to be?)
(, Tue 13 Mar 2018, 22:12, archived)
# Terrible bullying of us dobberers
(, Tue 13 Mar 2018, 22:36, archived)
# Will gaz a reply
(, Tue 13 Mar 2018, 22:53, archived)
# "job"
What are the hours?
(, Wed 14 Mar 2018, 0:29, archived)
# all of them, but with exceptionally long tea breaks
(, Wed 14 Mar 2018, 7:54, archived)