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[challenge entry] I'M (one of the) BATMEN

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(, Fri 31 Aug 2018, 9:38, archived)
# Maybe it's like James Bond, "Bruce Wayne" is just an alias used by lots of different people throughout the decades
And if anyone wants them, they're welcome to "Dances with Wolf" and "Around the World in a Day", I'm a bit busy at the moment.
(, Fri 31 Aug 2018, 10:37, archived)
[challenge entry] I can give you this if it helps?

(, Fri 31 Aug 2018, 10:49, archived)
# Has that ever been done in a comic?
I can see it kind-of working in a Five Doctors way.
(, Fri 31 Aug 2018, 11:07, archived)
# there was a fanboy one
where the kid in the comic knew he was in a comic and met various Batmen, they got the original illustrators to draw sections of the book, good read.
(, Fri 31 Aug 2018, 11:53, archived)
I would read/watch the heck out of that.
(, Fri 31 Aug 2018, 13:47, archived)
# Batman Incorporated
He basically franchised being Batman to other crimefighters around the world.
(, Fri 31 Aug 2018, 18:18, archived)
# I like this idea
(, Fri 31 Aug 2018, 12:15, archived)
# Clicked...
Bummer though, I was gonna do The Detectorist's Bat Actions Trust blokes as Batmen. Good work man ;)
(, Fri 31 Aug 2018, 19:45, archived)