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[challenge entry] Not suggesting Brexiters were motivated by personal wealth, but...

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(, Wed 3 Apr 2019, 15:23, archived)
# Sickeningly true
(, Wed 3 Apr 2019, 15:32, archived)
A small group of people over twenty years aligning their political and personal interests through a complicated web of lies, shell corporations and right-wing populism. The reality is so amazing that no one actually believes it.

Or it's a giant coincidence. *shrugs shoulders and sells child to the gypsies*
(, Wed 3 Apr 2019, 15:38, archived)
# Can't go wrong with a relentless stream of anti-EU falsehoods that sound so absurd they must be true and will appeal to certain demographics
(, Wed 3 Apr 2019, 15:44, archived)
# ugh. What a depressing read.
(, Wed 3 Apr 2019, 15:53, archived)
(, Wed 3 Apr 2019, 16:34, archived)
# So blatantly obvious and revolting.
(, Wed 3 Apr 2019, 21:45, archived)
# I'd like to repeat the words of a fellow b3tan :
The reality is so amazing that no one actually believes it.

I had no idea this was going on and I will spend the rest of the week TOTALLY FUCKING ANGRY.
Thankfully today is Thursday.
(, Thu 4 Apr 2019, 12:42, archived)