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I like making things. You could buy my stuff. But then why would you? I'm a nobody. So you would own something made by a nobody. Congratulations.

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(Wed 31st Jan 2024, 15:03, More)

You could just play it on a piece of paper

(Fri 19th Jan 2024, 13:43, More)

A symphony, M'Lady?

(Fri 12th Jan 2024, 9:24, More)

Van Gogh and Matthew have never been seen in the same room together
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(Thu 11th Jan 2024, 9:05, More)


(Wed 3rd Jan 2024, 18:15, More)


(Fri 22nd Dec 2023, 10:22, More)

(Sat 2nd Dec 2023, 16:43, More)

(Sat 25th Nov 2023, 7:58, More)

(Tue 7th Nov 2023, 20:39, More)

Arrow in the eye?

(Wed 18th Oct 2023, 12:43, More)

(Sat 23rd Sep 2023, 19:25, More)

Bunny Boiler
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(Thu 14th Sep 2023, 12:10, More)

(Sun 10th Sep 2023, 15:22, More)

(Fri 25th Aug 2023, 16:11, More)

(Mon 31st Jul 2023, 14:32, More)

Wogan The Barbarian

Could also pass for Russ Abbot.
(Tue 25th Jul 2023, 21:22, More)

Buckaroo Bonzai

(Mon 17th Jul 2023, 9:25, More)

(Wed 14th Jun 2023, 13:13, More)

Cornetto time
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(Wed 17th May 2023, 10:34, More)

(Sun 5th Mar 2023, 13:01, More)

(Sun 19th Feb 2023, 17:02, More)

Mostly /talk

(Sun 19th Feb 2023, 16:19, More)

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(Fri 27th Jan 2023, 15:12, More)

(Thu 19th Jan 2023, 20:25, More)

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(Thu 29th Dec 2022, 9:51, More)

Sign up now!

(Thu 10th Nov 2022, 14:10, More)

FINALLY...The Precious!

*edit* now with extra finger bloat
(Fri 16th Sep 2022, 13:13, More)

Stop Smirking Now

(Sat 3rd Sep 2022, 9:56, More)

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(Thu 21st Jul 2022, 10:14, More)

Innovative solutions to the ever increasing price of gas are welcome

(Mon 20th Jun 2022, 14:05, More)

The cost of not-living crisis

(Thu 16th Jun 2022, 10:13, More)

Not Interested Rates

(Mon 13th Jun 2022, 18:22, More)

Can't celebrate without a bit of Charlie

(Thu 2nd Jun 2022, 10:29, More)


The Queens Jublees.
(Fri 13th May 2022, 13:09, More)

Boldly just fuck off would you?

(Tue 26th Apr 2022, 15:29, More)

Out Now On The Commodores 64

(Sun 17th Apr 2022, 16:34, More)

A forgotten classic

(Fri 1st Apr 2022, 22:31, More)

(Wed 9th Mar 2022, 18:39, More)

Also released as "Putrid" in Brazil
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(Tue 1st Mar 2022, 13:47, More)


(Fri 28th Jan 2022, 16:44, More)

DJ Moggadishu

(Thu 9th Dec 2021, 10:53, More)

(Sat 27th Nov 2021, 18:21, More)

Packham Watch
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(Sat 13th Nov 2021, 9:06, More)

It's Christmas Eve and tonight on BBC 1...
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(Wed 3rd Nov 2021, 14:12, More)

(Fri 29th Oct 2021, 12:07, More)

The Tory Halloween Party - Pinhead Javid

(Wed 27th Oct 2021, 18:03, More)

The Dukes Of Wazzocks

(Tue 19th Oct 2021, 11:42, More)

Kryten Starmer

(Thu 30th Sep 2021, 9:35, More)

(Mon 16th Aug 2021, 11:49, More)

Shall we?

(Sat 3rd Jul 2021, 20:41, More)

In The future There Is No War. But There Is ROLLERBALL!

(Fri 21st May 2021, 11:30, More)

Kurt Corbyn

(Mon 3rd May 2021, 14:48, More)

(Tue 27th Apr 2021, 15:37, More)

(Sat 24th Apr 2021, 12:05, More)

Sacked on his first day for eating the fruit.

(Tue 13th Apr 2021, 16:59, More)

They Might Be Iron Giants

(Wed 3rd Mar 2021, 14:30, More)

Gotta Catch Em' All! (And deprive them of oxygen)

(Sun 7th Feb 2021, 10:55, More)

Frankly Daffy Duck would do a better job.

Actually a dog shit would make better decisions than this cunt.
(Sun 3rd Jan 2021, 15:40, More)

(Fri 11th Dec 2020, 10:36, More)

(Mon 26th Oct 2020, 18:27, More)

(Fri 21st Aug 2020, 18:28, More)

Vegetable Rights & Peace

(Mon 29th Jun 2020, 9:18, More)

People who run to work can lick my shoelaces

(Sun 27th Oct 2019, 9:37, More)

(Fri 7th Jun 2019, 9:47, More)

(Mon 22nd Apr 2019, 8:44, More)

(Fri 19th Apr 2019, 14:01, More)

Cruftationists look away now!

(Wed 20th Mar 2019, 13:50, More)

(Thu 28th Feb 2019, 11:32, More)

(Wed 20th Feb 2019, 12:07, More)

(Sun 17th Feb 2019, 18:47, More)

(Tue 5th Feb 2019, 20:14, More)

(Fri 25th Jan 2019, 18:33, More)

(Sun 6th Jan 2019, 14:52, More)

Aldi non-brand infringing hate chocolate

(Mon 24th Dec 2018, 20:05, More)

Michael Gove & Theresa May Discuss Digital Brexit Strategy at Tory HQ.

(Mon 10th Dec 2018, 10:22, More)


(Tue 14th Aug 2018, 18:51, More)

Right With You USA 2

(Fri 10th Aug 2018, 12:54, More)

(Tue 31st Jul 2018, 11:48, More)


(Thu 17th May 2018, 15:26, More)

(Thu 3rd May 2018, 9:55, More)

Dame Judy Wrench

(Fri 27th Apr 2018, 16:36, More)

"Do it Zuckerberg, show him"

(Thu 12th Apr 2018, 20:01, More)

(Wed 3rd Jan 2018, 16:38, More)

I would hate to see the entire deck

(Wed 23rd Jun 2010, 22:38, More)

art tiem

(Fri 12th Jun 2009, 21:58, More)


(Fri 13th Feb 2009, 14:35, More)

nom nom

(Tue 11th Nov 2008, 18:17, More)

brazil hula

(Mon 13th Oct 2008, 23:42, More)

Give me that chair hawking!

(Thu 8th Dec 2005, 16:39, More)

baby glitter says night night

(Tue 22nd Nov 2005, 1:30, More)

Best answers to questions:

» That's when I knew it was over...

Ex Girlfriend
I remember the moment exactly. Valentines day, three years into a relationship, she bought me a hand blender. A fucking hand blender. Now I'm not particularly bothered by gifts, or by valentines day for that matter. But when you buy a man a hand blender you may as well just come out and say "I fucking hate you and I want you to die".
(Fri 22nd Jul 2005, 16:11, More)

» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

In Harry Potter, what language does the postman speak?
(Fri 23rd Feb 2024, 21:39, More)