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I like making things. You could buy my stuff. But then why would you? I'm a nobody. So you would own something made by a nobody. Congratulations.


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Shall we?

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In The future There Is No War. But There Is ROLLERBALL!

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Kurt Corbyn

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Sacked on his first day for eating the fruit.

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They Might Be Iron Giants

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Gotta Catch Em' All! (And deprive them of oxygen)

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Frankly Daffy Duck would do a better job.

Actually a dog shit would make better decisions than this cunt.
(Sun 3rd Jan 2021, 15:40, More)

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» That's when I knew it was over...

Ex Girlfriend
I remember the moment exactly. Valentines day, three years into a relationship, she bought me a hand blender. A fucking hand blender. Now I'm not particularly bothered by gifts, or by valentines day for that matter. But when you buy a man a hand blender you may as well just come out and say "I fucking hate you and I want you to die".
(Fri 22nd Jul 2005, 16:11, More)