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(, Fri 6 Nov 2020, 15:08, archived)
# He's the juggernaut, bitch
(, Fri 6 Nov 2020, 15:27, archived)
# Is it just me or are they taking quite a long time to count the last couple of percent in the deciding states?
(, Fri 6 Nov 2020, 15:29, archived)
# They’re counting the mail-in/absentee ballots last in some states, it’s a slow process anyway, and this year there are far more than ever before.
(, Fri 6 Nov 2020, 16:39, archived)
# Ah, okay.
I wondered if the officials were having to spend all their time piling up tables and anything else available against the windows and doors, to keep out the rabid hordes of open carry patriots.

Sorry, I mean "concerned citizens keen to see that a fair and honest result is reached".
(, Fri 6 Nov 2020, 17:07, archived)
# This election seems so flawed that the US should really hold another one, though.
Ask the question again, and again. Until those making the most noise get the answer they want.

cf. Scottish Independence
(, Fri 6 Nov 2020, 17:19, archived)
# More like The Rubbernaut.
(, Fri 6 Nov 2020, 15:32, archived)
# Typical Democrat
Always picking the low-hanging fruit
(, Fri 6 Nov 2020, 22:18, archived)
# This is fantastic
Thank you
(, Fri 6 Nov 2020, 22:27, archived)