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[challenge entry] Ayn Randy

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(, Mon 8 Feb 2021, 17:05, archived)
# Unfortunately for Ayn, Atlas shrugged so it was another night with the showerhead
(, Tue 9 Feb 2021, 0:26, archived)
# She really was, as well.
She persuaded one of her students, who was about 20 years her junior, that it would be "rational" for them to have an affair. Both of them were married at the time.
(, Tue 9 Feb 2021, 20:05, archived)
# Sounds pretty rational to me
if they wanted to shag each other and didn't care about the impact on anyone else.
(, Tue 9 Feb 2021, 22:33, archived)
# "didn't care about the impact on anyone else" sums her up.
She was a vile human being.
(, Thu 11 Feb 2021, 23:14, archived)
# Seeing as I've been FP'd
have a bonus that no-one asked for.
(, Sat 13 Feb 2021, 21:31, archived)