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# This would be my general approach:
1: Stop drinking.
2: Mirror image it at a wonky angle, then flip that and overlay it, so you get a symmetrical Rorschach butterfly-like structure to work with.
Something like...

...could be developed into something insecty, flowery, or vaginal, or just left as a reminder to stop drinking.
(, Fri 11 Jun 2021, 0:17, archived)
# A reminder for him to stop drinking?
She'd need to follow him about in short sleeves, doing a nazi salute.
Maybe if she incorporated a funny walk...but I don't think it's as practical, but I'll suggest it.
(, Fri 11 Jun 2021, 0:39, archived)
# Plus she’d need jackboots and probably a little square mustache.
(, Fri 11 Jun 2021, 4:38, archived)
# So she's claiming she was sober when she got a drunken tattoo?
What a twat.
(, Fri 11 Jun 2021, 13:44, archived)