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reddy dark too

but it didn't really work for the image and I don't like the font
(, Wed 13 Oct, 16:04, Reply)
What’s your issue with the font? It’s Velvet by Michael Jarboe and is a digitisation of the original Othello American Type Face font 1934. Same as is used in Velvet Underground & Nico album.
(, Wed 13 Oct, 22:47, Reply)
# A long time ago this happened and it's still funny
(, Wed 13 Oct, 23:21, Reply)
lol that is good
(, Thu 14 Oct, 0:44, Reply)
# More than good....these are the original building blocks of b3ta.
(, Thu 14 Oct, 2:26, Reply)
# I don't know why "Eat more fucksocks, I'm out of here!"
never caught on the same way as too brown/font.
(, Thu 14 Oct, 7:21, Reply)
# This is far too this and far too that.
(, Thu 14 Oct, 8:53, Reply)
# Why did the racist vicar, who hated the design of his church, refuse to baptise a child born of African parents?
It was too brown, and he didn't like the font.
(, Thu 14 Oct, 9:29, Reply)
# hahaha!
(, Thu 14 Oct, 22:56, Reply)
# I love racist jokes!
(, Thu 14 Oct, 22:57, Reply)