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[challenge entry] Bloody Brexit…

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(, Sun 14 Nov 2021, 11:50, archived)
# hah!
Tesco Value Queen
(, Sun 14 Nov 2021, 12:38, archived)
# Not much difference anyway.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2021, 17:01, archived)
She's suffering from what used to be known as 'Kremlin Flu'.

When a Soviet leader failed to appear on the Kremlin balcony for the parade of the anniversary of the Revolution (Moscow in November, remember), the régime used to say that the Great Leader had the flu (or a cold).

This invariably meant that the Great Leader was at Death's door and would be off to join Vlad & Uncle Joe in the mausoleum shortly.

Mark my words...
(, Sun 14 Nov 2021, 23:34, archived)
I'm sure they're keeping her Maj alive for around another 7 or 8 years until she becomes the longest reigning monarch in history, not just Britian, for bragging rights.

I mean, at this point Charles is practically acting as a Prince Regent without the official title.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2021, 1:45, archived)
so he's doing fuck all useful?
(, Mon 15 Nov 2021, 18:46, archived)
Wow that's some high level Mystic Meg stuff there. 95 year old woman, in failing health, lost her husband recently, stress of her son's shenanigans... and you're predicting she may be on the way out!
(, Tue 16 Nov 2021, 9:37, archived)