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[challenge entry] War & Peace
A graphical representation of the conflicts inherant in our society today. For those of you who don't at first appreciate the fine details of this work, allow me to explain: on one hand, we are given the image-load icon, a symbol of impatience; of uncertainty; of waiting. As every good concubine knows, these are the paths to the dark side, and to war, fascism and brie. The broken link image shows inner peace through the knowledge that the worst has happened - security through failure.

From the Turner Prize challenge. See all 186 entries (closed)

(, Sat 8 Jun 2002, 4:57, archived)
# wow, I think you should
enter that to the real Turner prize. Is Brie really the dark side? Damn.
(, Sat 8 Jun 2002, 9:07, archived)
# yup
thats blinding

you guys have really been pulling out all the stops for this comp... the descriptions are dynamite.
(, Sat 8 Jun 2002, 9:12, archived)
# all been very cool actually -
way better than I ever thought.
(, Sat 8 Jun 2002, 9:18, archived)
# and you thought
B3tans powers could only be used for evil...
(, Sat 8 Jun 2002, 9:31, archived)
# i know it.
there's evil in them there pictures, you might not see it yet, but there is.
(, Sat 8 Jun 2002, 9:36, archived)
# I agree..
..I think this is the best so far..
(, Sat 8 Jun 2002, 9:43, archived)
# Wow
thats actually amazing
(, Sat 8 Jun 2002, 11:24, archived)
# Where's my credit?
Where's my credit? Oh by the way I was 50% of the making of this one, glad you lot like it, wait till you see what's coming next...
(, Sat 8 Jun 2002, 22:46, archived)