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# I wish I was.
My mum ran away before I was born and me dad was a pizza delivery boy who later died eating his own toenails.
(, Tue 17 Jun 2003, 0:35, archived)
# tragic story
my dad was a balloonist who just ballooned once too many times and popped. Me mam exploded with grief. And little Timmy the orphan... well we don't speak of THAT
(, Tue 17 Jun 2003, 0:37, archived)
# I think you should.
Right here, right now.

Bring it on!
(, Tue 17 Jun 2003, 0:38, archived)
# oh the pain
little... l-little timmy......

got run over by a rampant horny john major who just wasn't getting enough.

ooh the pain of it all

and cellery
(, Tue 17 Jun 2003, 0:41, archived)
# fact.
Never keep celery in a cellar under -14 degrees C.

Some russian dude once did that and it all fucked up.

Or maybe it was tin. Hmmmm.
(, Tue 17 Jun 2003, 0:43, archived)
# Damn it

i'd better hide the asparagus from paula then
(, Tue 17 Jun 2003, 0:45, archived)
# Do they still do toenail pizza?
And do they deliver? You've just made a young man very hungry.
(, Tue 17 Jun 2003, 0:45, archived)