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# That's cool
Mind if I stick that on a t-shirt?

I might be going to the protests. (not sure yet though!).

Unless anyone else has an image/idea I could use.
(, Wed 12 Nov 2003, 10:30, archived)
# feel free
link to biggie:

Here's another:

link to biggie:

I'm thinking of expanding on the above with an added picture and the following text:
(, Wed 12 Nov 2003, 10:36, archived)
# Nice Tagline
(, Wed 12 Nov 2003, 10:38, archived)
# ouch.
(, Wed 12 Nov 2003, 10:42, archived)
# You are
far too good at tatty shopping porn ... ever think of doing mags? you'd only need say 3 pictures!
(, Wed 12 Nov 2003, 10:54, archived)
# Fantastic!
Even better than the last one. I could have images on the front and back now! I'd just have to keep spinning around so everyone could see them.

I'm a bit new to tattyshop (sighs) so my images come out nowhere near as good as those!
(, Wed 12 Nov 2003, 11:10, archived)