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[challenge entry] Do you have any Dark Side in you?
Would you like some?

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(, Sat 24 Jan 2004, 11:34, archived)
# is that a dark side
or top side, or just any bit of beef your offering there?
(, Sat 24 Jan 2004, 11:37, archived)
# lean back
(, Sat 24 Jan 2004, 11:44, archived)
# are theyre horses?
i wanna horsie. Im at work, and dont have paint on this PC. I was gonna ching-chow-chop some pics for a basic effect, but now im saddened......

Any more smiley happy horsey people pics?
(, Sat 24 Jan 2004, 11:48, archived)
# bad, bad hulk
(, Sat 24 Jan 2004, 12:13, archived)