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# No, that particluar brand of water
is from a tap.. Theres no I bet about it, it's a fact. 100% stinking fact
(, Sun 7 Mar 2004, 17:43, archived)
# they filter it
to get rid of some of the fluoride or so i hear but otherwise nout difference...
(, Sun 7 Mar 2004, 17:45, archived)
# 100%
london tap water. Been urinated 7 times on average, etc etc etc.

Buy the scottish stuff, worst you'll have is a few dead sheep and occasional hillwalkers piss.
(, Sun 7 Mar 2004, 17:45, archived)
# In the states
near where I'm from, we get it from Little Rock -- you know, the capitol of Arkansas, where the last Imperial President was from. I think it's all from the taps near the bottling plants.

That was useless. I'll leave. Sorry
(, Sat 13 Mar 2004, 0:16, archived)