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[challenge entry] by request...

it's a bit dark though

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(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 4:54, archived)
# hehehe
I like it
But never tell anyone it was my request.
Do you accept bribes?
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:01, archived)
# that depends
what have you to offer?
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:02, archived)
# One week with my mother in law
If you tell anyone...
two weeks!
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:05, archived)
# hmm what's she like?
not all mother in laws are bad, and more importantly is she hot?
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:10, archived)
# Well she doesn't speak
a word of English. This I find is a bonus.
I would rate her as a double bagger. (The second in case the first bag breaks).
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:14, archived)
# hmm not sounding too appealing...
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:20, archived)
# and on that frightening thought
I am for my bed.
G'night all.
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:23, archived)
# nite!
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:23, archived)
# Argh
To early for goatse!!!
Good effort tho

Erm you would have to delete all your posts on the subject if you wanted to keep that secret.
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:03, archived)
# That would be just my luck
not remembered for any work of art that took hours of blood sweat and tears... just "the guy who requested the goatse icon'.
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:06, archived)
# blood sweat and tears
are less than attractive as artistic media anyway. better than vomit and pee though, i suppose.
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:10, archived)
# met them too
they're pretty cool for a bunch of old guys
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:20, archived)
# gaa!
my eyes!
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:04, archived)
# in response to post further down...
i do security at a couple local festivals here, so i get to meet all the headlines...

i've met Great Big Sea, Spirit of the West, Wild Strawberries, The Tea Party, Larry Gowan, One Horse Blue, Leahey, Moxy Fruvous, Ashley MacIsaac, Philosopher Kings, Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Punjabi by Nature, Michelle Wright, Jim Witter, a bunch of country bands i can't recall the names of, Bruce Cockburn, Burton Cummings, Gus from The Pursuit of Happiness, Staggered Crossing, Hawksley Workman, Smoother, and a bunch of others that i can't recall off the top of my head
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:19, archived)
# cool.
Great Big Sea i've met (but wouldn't say i KNOW). i guess the cats i know are more the Westerners (Age of Electric, Big Sugar -- although they were situated in ontario for a bit, The Kim Band etc.)
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:33, archived)
# i would have loved to meet big sugar...
i also wanted to see them before they split, but ahh well
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:34, archived)
# i have a ukelele signed by Gordie Johnson and Mister Chill
plus several other CanRockers. Big Sugar were good live show, for sure. i caught their last show ever... that was sorta depressing. hopefully they'll all come back in various manifestations though. Chill's band Train 45 is really good, so keep yer ear to the ground for THEM. :)
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:39, archived)
# oooh nifty...
there are a few local bands in hamilton that are pretty cool too, one is Freedom Train and the other is Powerhouse, both are very good bands
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:39, archived)
# Freedom Train?
really? do they tie in with the whole Big Sugar / Trews / John Ford (who penned a song called Freedom Train) scene? they must, eh?
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:42, archived)
# not sure...
they might, they do some great covers
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:45, archived)
# cool.
i will hunt them down.
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 5:50, archived)