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[challenge entry] hypno

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(, Fri 8 Mar 2002, 9:51, archived)
# rousing applause-type clapclapclapclapclap...
Thanks to that I now have tears running down my face and half of the office wanting to know what's so funny. The other half probably think I'm having an emotional crisis.
'Quit sleeping' in particular tickled me.
(, Fri 8 Mar 2002, 9:56, archived)
# nice lay out
(, Fri 8 Mar 2002, 9:59, archived)
# That is just great.
I have to admit that I tried listening to a paul makenna tape once. It was so irritating, I nearly smashed my stereo. Relaxing my arse.
(, Fri 8 Mar 2002, 9:58, archived)
# Eh?
You were relaxing your arse? Dangerous if you ask me.
(, Fri 8 Mar 2002, 10:42, archived)
# Quite beautiful
You Sir, are a master
(, Fri 8 Mar 2002, 10:09, archived)