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# that's not being nice
that's being insecure
(, Sat 21 Aug 2004, 2:06, archived)
# is it me being insecure
if i think that if i can;t have the best girl i know, my best mate should have her instead? I think the world of both of them, surely if i can't have that sort of happiness, i wouldn't deny the ones i care about the chance to have it.
(, Sat 21 Aug 2004, 2:11, archived)
# being overly nice the way you describe
is to your own detriment. you yourself have said your friends stop you stepping back for them, they recognise that they don't need you to help them, and hell, they probably don't want you to either. But despite all this, you say you still put other people first even when it really hurts because they're "more important".

That my friend, is insecurity. work on it.
(, Sat 21 Aug 2004, 2:16, archived)