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[challenge entry] I can only appologise in advance

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(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 10:56, archived)
# He-he
very nice. I was just reading a thomas the tank story involving bees too. They stung James on the nose, but luckily he managed to get them to the vicar in time.
(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 11:01, archived)
# I like Bees.
But not so keen on wasps. Especially after one flew into my ear, and stung me. It got stuck, and it tore off its sting as it tried to get out. Cue one very very painful and red ear.

Fortunately, I was in a branch of Boots at the time, so the staff there got some sting ointment on it pretty quickly, and for free as well :)
(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 11:12, archived)
# I thought wasp stings
always came off when they stung you?
(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 11:18, archived)
# No
that's bees. Bees are cute, fluffy, and only sting as a last resort 'cos it kills them. Wasps are fascist bully boys with pump-action stings who roam around in groups trying to ruin picnics.

Oh, and they use their sting to killy the grubs etc that they feed on.
(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 11:31, archived)
# Oh. K.
I knew bees died.
(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 11:36, archived)
# Wasps can re-use their barbs, whereas Bees cannot.
So Bees will die after they have stung you, Wasps can live to sting some other poor sod.

Bees are less likely to sting you because they don't really want to die either!
(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 11:58, archived)
# ouch
but that reminds me of the time my mum got an insect in her ear....it crawled down inside where she couldnt get at it and after a while it died....i dont know how she managed to stay so calm, and leave it there...i would've been screaming my tits off, especially after reading all those horror stories by shaun hutson and the others where insects lay eggs in someone..
i still shudder just thinking about it
(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 11:20, archived)
# It's not always a bad thing though.
(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 11:25, archived)
# I'm laughing too much at that
ha ha ha!
(, Fri 4 Oct 2002, 11:36, archived)