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(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 12:53, archived)
# "Crucifixtion?"
"Good.. door on the right, one cross each!"

EDIT: Time to get dressed, goto my parents house and get bladdered!.. see you all later, byeeee!
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 12:56, archived)
# Umm..
Here's something strang I stumbled upon.

I quoteth:

"I have long been of the conviction that Monty Python's _Life of Brian_ is an indispensible foundation to any student's career in New Testament studies. In my view, it not only reflects a higher level of historical and biblical research than nearly all exemplars of the Hollywood genre which count among its targets, but also engages with a number of basic scholarly historical and theological issues. "
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 13:01, archived)
# Its probably a more accurate account than most parts of the bible!
Plus, I got it on DVD for xmas and it has to be one of my all time funniest films ever!
(will bookmark that link and read it later.. beer time, woooo!)
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 13:03, archived)
# Life of Brian
is, I think, one of the best movies ever made, comedy or non-comedy.
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 13:07, archived)
# Wow, it's true what they say!
The loony left really does blame George Bush for everything.
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 12:59, archived)
# Three cheers..
for the right wing scapegoat!
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 13:01, archived)
# Without him
we would have to think about difficult and complex issues.
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 13:02, archived)
# And the right
blame liberals and commies for everything else.

Crazy world we live in.
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 14:32, archived)
# I blame
the moderates bunch of fence sitting cranberrys, pick a side and a weapon and leeeeetttttttssssss rumble # don't rumble with me though I have a note from my mum
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 16:42, archived)
# As
a VERY right wing American/Amerib3tan, I do find humor in that. However I want everyone to remember that we (USA) will send relief, money, people and supplies to the area like we do with every disaster, Hell we even sent help to Iran last year, anyone remember Bam? Bin watchin the news, what a fcukin mess.
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 13:16, archived)
# shame it didn't happen to the US
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 15:28, archived)
# You
are a pathetic little piece of dogshit stuck to the foot of the civilised world.
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 15:34, archived)
# now now
lets not arguee and bicker about ooo killed ooo.
we all know that extremists on either side of the political spectrum have had a go.
Right wing extreamists = nazis not good
left wing extreamists = the purges of stalin
the only answer is to stop putting our faith in politions and become anarchists. or moderates but thats just boring. failing that we will have to think about issues rather than being bound by left/right devisions.
PS Bush sucks donkeys and passes the spunk to blair during frenck kisses
(, Sun 26 Dec 2004, 16:35, archived)