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[challenge entry] Having carried out his instructions exactly...

...Vincenzo felt sure the Godfather would be pleased with him...

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(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 1:58, archived)
# Ha ha ha!
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 2:02, archived)
# that is excellent.
but once again MAKE IT A CHALLENGE ENTRY!!
jeez, why is everyone forgetting to do that this week?
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 2:15, archived)
# Ahh! Thanks for that...
It's when you click 'preview' instead of 'post this message', the little drop down box thingummy defaults back to 'normal post'... I think.
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 2:18, archived)
# that could be the problem.
did you see the meditation guy I made for you yesterday or the day before I think it was?
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 2:25, archived)
# I did!
Superb! - In a scared the shit out of me kinda way :)
(, Sun 20 Oct 2002, 2:28, archived)