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# Sorry that *this * is late too.
in fact, it's prob. been done.

see also:

New Labour poster launch today an' all. Between us, me and Tony plan to use up All Teh Black Inks:
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 13:45, archived)
# hahaha that recession poster is great
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 13:47, archived)
# it's virtually a copy of the Liberals' (read: Tories) campaign in Oz
which makes me feel rather odd, as the Tories have hired the guy who came up with that, and now Blair has hired an anti-Bush guy and....
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 13:51, archived)
# if you can dish the dirt and make it stick, it just gets sold to the highest bidder I suppose
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 13:53, archived)
# *digs up yard*
*adds glue*
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 14:14, archived)
# I haven't heard much of the British recession...
But i'm sure it's the recession you had to have....
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 13:55, archived)
# teehee
I entered the workforce during that recession. It sucked balls.
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 13:57, archived)
# for a short time I
left the workforce yay rightsizeing
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 14:00, archived)
# Are they talking about interest rates?
That was what won the Libs the election over here...

Everyone was terrified that if Labour got in, the interest rates would soar, despite the Reserve Bank of Australia saying that there would be no difference.

The problem with compulsory voting, of course, is that most people don't even know what the Reserve Bank of Australia do.
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 14:02, archived)
# I agree with compulsory voting
but only if there's a Brewster's Millions style 'None Of The Above' box you can tick to register your contempt for all the candidates.

Surely the Reserve Bank takes over if the main bank gets injured or something?
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 14:04, archived)
# I know plenty of people that voted Jedi...

edit: the Reserve Bank quotes the interest rates, among other things.
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 14:06, archived)
# That's the fella
bunch of TV ads painting a 'it will happen if you vote Labor in' picture
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 14:05, archived)
# And unfortunately,
Australia is full of people that get their election opinions from adverts on the TV.

I can only hope that most Brits are more discerning about where their information comes from.
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 14:08, archived)
# unlikely
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 14:10, archived)
# I've been reading that.
Being in another country, I'm able to laugh at how fucked up that is...

Mind you, it really is quite fucked up.
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 14:15, archived)
# yes
just to stop us getting uppity
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 13:59, archived)
# they're not jewish
(, Mon 28 Feb 2005, 13:50, archived)