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# I remember at one party he had, he drove his brand new Morris Minor 1000
into a his pond... the ducks were not happy.
(, Mon 6 Jun 2005, 14:41, archived)
# That was new years eve in 1974
I remember at that party Teh Doc wouldn't allow anyone to wear a watch or bring a clock into the grounds of his mansion... he claimed that he was so atuned to the vibrations of the Universe that he KNEW exactly when it was midnight and he would let us all know... and boy did he let us know. The centre piece of the party was a studded giraffe which he had had fitted with an indistrial strength whipped cream dispencer. He had the cream laced with opium and didn't tell anyone. Sometime late into the night he filled three hedgehogs with vodka and absinth. Many years later, while reliving the old days with me, I asked if he regretted anything. 'The irony is,' Teh doc told me sometime later 'I probably got more than I remember, because I was having so many blackouts...'
(, Mon 6 Jun 2005, 15:18, archived)
# Arf!
I wondered why my ears were burning...
(, Mon 6 Jun 2005, 15:21, archived)
# and I set fire to your ears
(, Mon 6 Jun 2005, 15:25, archived)