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# Braw!
you should put a wee dollop of mustard in the tuna mix, it's very nice indeed.
(, Tue 2 Aug 2005, 12:46, archived)
# yes!
I tried this once (my aunt made it) and I was pleasantly surprised.
(, Tue 2 Aug 2005, 12:47, archived)
# I only discovered this in my local deli
where I bought a tuna sarndwich only to discoved after buying it that it had mustard in it, I almost took it back but I tried it and like you I was very surprised.
(, Tue 2 Aug 2005, 12:52, archived)
# *considers*
...it is admittedly the only sandwich I have without mustard. However, I do have some dijon with white wine that might do the trick.
(, Tue 2 Aug 2005, 12:48, archived)
# Just a tiny dollop
it's braw!
(, Tue 2 Aug 2005, 12:51, archived)