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# Arf!

Funny cos it's true ;)

And 'ning sir!
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:31, archived)
# Jessie!
Did you like it then or what?

Fnrrr fnrrr
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:32, archived)
# You've changed your name dear
I just ignored you for two F5's before curiousity finally got the better of me as to why your name was purple, because I thought you were just making random innuendo.


Yes. I love it more than my first born. I passed it on to just about everyone I know whether they wanted to see it or not. There' were instances with great similarity to 'clockwork orange'. They love it too.
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:38, archived)
# This is wonderful news.
Hopefully soon, there should be BIGGER and much better (DVD) quality downloads of both WOTW and Professor Porno available.

An internet friend of mine is offering about 500Mb bandwidth to host 'em.

This makes me happy.

Do I get on your "Most admired/Stalked" list yet?
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:45, archived)
# Hahah
I'm not sure I've ever had anyone actually ASK!
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:48, archived)
# That's the only reason
I have been making these movies.

If you don't, I'll just have to keep making them.
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:51, archived)
# I kid you not when I say that this response only just showed up
...just as I clicked the thread to mark your 'stalkee' reference.

In other words, you just stopped me literally seconds before you joined the immortal list. I'm sorry Blackmoon- I can't let you do that.

(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:54, archived)
# Eh?
Too many long words there.
(, Thu 8 Sep 2005, 0:04, archived)
# 'ning
PS, I'm on the TEFL course. Off to Moscow in a month :D
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:32, archived)
# Oooooh... congrats!
I'm rather envious actually. Have a fab time!
I've been wanting to go to Russia for yonks and yonks. Esp. St. Petersburg :)
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:34, archived)
Petersburg is probably a rather nicer city - and you might get away without knowing Russian there a bit better - but Mrs. Squid* is in Moscow, being the main reason for my wanting to go there.

* she's Armenian, not Russian, and no, she wasn't mail order, you cynical bastards.
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:36, archived)
# Ahhhhhhh... I seeeee!
Send photos! And letters! And vodka! :)
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:43, archived)
# get the overnight train
on a ruler-straight line with a samovar in every compartment
and once you get to StP eat ice cream at the Frog parlour
happy days
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:46, archived)
# YaY!
Don't forget to post a series on real Russian food etc (like my educational shorts, hahah) and keep us updated?
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:34, archived)
# I'm sure I'll be checking b3ta,
but I might only have MS Paint to mess about with. So I'll have to stick to Mort pics!
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:37, archived)
# Mort's adventures in Russia will be fine :D
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 23:39, archived)
# Taking Elephants For Lifts?
(, Thu 8 Sep 2005, 0:06, archived)