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[challenge entry] An xmas tragedy

minor apologies for size


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(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 18:51, archived)
# I always thourght
that he melted.
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 18:52, archived)
# I saw a snowman that had melted once.
His internals had shot out of his mouth like party streamers. It wasn't pretty.
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 18:52, archived)
# pfft
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 18:53, archived)
# haha brilliant
that`s what christmas should be about

edit: where did monkey lady go? :( I was mid stroke
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 18:56, archived)
# Holy edits batman!
To the webcache!
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:03, archived)
# haha
it`s a pity you can`t get files back out of squid proxy.. I`ve a 4GB cache set up on that, but it stores the files in a really weird way
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:07, archived)
# Frankie says Woo
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:04, archived)
# you know he does
he really does
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:07, archived)
# I saw you quoting Captain Beefheart last night.
Fast and bulbous. Also a tin teardrop.

And, I added you as a friend on worldofwheatley or whatever it is called. What do we do now?
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:10, archived)
# next we link up, drink coffee, and go back to a hotel that charges by the quarter hour ;)
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:15, archived)
# A quarter of bedroom please.
No bubblegum.
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:16, archived)
# you can still get mojos on that quarterof web site!
there`s no veggie/non-veggie info though, so the magnetic lure of a load of mint mojos will have to wait :(
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:19, archived)
# I found out that I can buy the original cherry lips on there.
the ones that taste of soap. full of horses hooves naturally, but I WANT.
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:22, archived)
# I tried the UFOs
from aquarterof, and they're not full of fizz like they should be. The sherbert's been replaced by a non fizzy colourless substitute. Bah. And what's more the Jamboree Bags don't have licorice in! WTF is that all about, eh?!
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:27, archived)
# you`re not allowed to put the proper stuff in sweets any more
the missus`s mum got her a big tub of UFOs a few weeks ago, and they were great

but I don`t think they were ever full of fizz, just about 1/3 full

buuut although I don`t eat Wagon Wheels any more (animal bits), they`re definitely really small compared to their olden size
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:30, archived)
# Cant beat a bit of Beefy
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:16, archived)
# Well I think
it's in really bad taste quoting Beefheart on here.

(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:20, archived)
# and you would know, you zig zag wanderer
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:22, archived)
# Dottie broke Goblin
by sending him a copy of TroutMaskReplica.

Serves him right the lanky furball.
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:23, archived)
# pffft
'Ning Rik, ya big eyed bean from Venus! What choo doin' on here on a Saturday night when you ought t'be painting the town red?

(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:23, archived)
# no mates ;)
too knackered, and need to spend me money tomorrow on christmas pressies for the nephews

meh to christmas
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:31, archived)
# Fair play to you mate
Xmas is for kids after all, gotta be worth going a weekend w/out beers just to put a smile on their little faces

I suppose

(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:33, archived)
# pfft
I don`t go out that much to be honest, just to the bashes; being in the arse end of nowhere and working (+commuting) stupid hours makes it difficult to socialise with normal people ;)
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:35, archived)
# Same here
or at least, I was much the same till I joined the village cricket club. Fuck me do they know how to PARTY?!
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:40, archived)
# "pint of bitter, Thorpie?"
"best not - have already consumed my allocation this week"
"just a sniffter?"
"what`s a sniffer? are you coming on to me?"
"I saw the way you cleaned that ball against your crotch"
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:42, archived)
# Hahahahaha!
Have a woo yay:
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:06, archived)
# hahahahaha!
I loikes that!
(, Sat 10 Dec 2005, 19:21, archived)