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# All Brad wanted was a lava lamp for christmas

Santa sure does have a twisted sense of humor
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:42, archived)
# excellent work
brilliantly done
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:43, archived)
# lovely
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:43, archived)
# i tried convincing a small girl that
she was santa tonight. and bizarlly, it worked.
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:43, archived)
# Explain?
She's not gonna get done for burglary Xmas Eve is she?
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:46, archived)
# i was trying to convince her and her parents not to sit thru the
credits of harry potter to see the shit bit at the end so i could clean the screen, and she was wearing a santa hat, so i said surely santa knows what happens anyway, and she said and i'm not santa and i said you must be cos you have his hat on, and she said mummy, am i santa, and she said yes, and she was happy and they left :)
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:48, archived)
# Awww
That's very sweet. If she needs therapy in ten years time though...
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:50, archived)
# Hey Rockbus
as a fellow TH4 addict, I worked out a way of realising when you have played it a little too much.

In the pub last night I did a "triple gap transfer" from urinal to urinal while having a wee.

I was very drunk and nobody else was there
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:46, archived)
# I am concerned
that you are my main ally in the pro-nohands faction.

Please say you weren't doing the stunt "no hands"?
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:49, archived)
# can't remember
I was too busy giggling drunkenly at my "hilarious" antics. But probably not
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:50, archived)
# that is slightly too obsessed...
i'm onto splinter cell now anyway...
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:50, archived)
# Ahh! Did you finish TH4?
How the HELL do you do the last pro combo on the Shipyard?? Grrrr.... 21/21 on all levels cept that one. :(
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 23:06, archived)
# no! i'm only about 5 levels in...
i'll come back to it later :)
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 23:08, archived)
# Doh...
Cheers anyhoo :)
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 23:10, archived)
# you are far beyond me
too - sorry :)
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 23:14, archived)
# i am pretty much useless at th4
i must spend some more time learning it. that and jet set radio future.

although i will kick anyone's ass at ssx tricky.
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 23:22, archived)
# It's a fantastic game
The free roaming aspect and the dipping in and out of tasks.. it's just that this one that I've got left seems to be almost impossible.. And then I'm told ten more secret ones open!!! No sleep for me then yet...
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 23:25, archived)
# i do like what i've played of it
but i have to fight for control of either the console or the telly or both, not owning my own. bugger.

there's definitely a theme in the games i like
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 23:27, archived)
# Works for me!
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 22:44, archived)
# Oooh...
(, Sat 21 Dec 2002, 23:13, archived)