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[challenge entry] One thing they will NEVER get around to making...

Much to my great irritation..... /end rant

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(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:04, archived)
# I used to own a mac with a two button mouse
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:06, archived)
# yeah..you can get them - but they are still crap.
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:06, archived)
# agreed

the macs or the mice? ;)
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:07, archived)
# hahaha mice mostly.
Macs are ok I guess. The problem is quite a bit of the software I use isn't available on a Mac.
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:11, archived)
# yup
that's why I threw out my only remaining mac about a year ago
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:16, archived)
# anything branded
that allegedly works with a Mac

Edit: Ooops
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:11, archived)
# anything works with a mac
any usb mouse will work with a mac... just plug in your standard usb optical microsoft one!
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 12:57, archived)
# what is crap about a 2 button mouse?
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:11, archived)
# Once you've owned an 8 button mouse you never want to look back
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:14, archived)
# 8? My 65 button mouse is the best. Takes up 2 ft sq of desk space though.
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:15, archived)
# *Penis shrivels and drops off*
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:17, archived)
# I only meant the ones available for Macs (that i've seen/used anyway)
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:15, archived)
# a decent mouse? yeah.
Apple keyboards are very nice, but the mice/mouses/mousees leave a lot to be desired.
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:06, archived)
# But the new ones...
They have little scrolly wheels that - shock horror - go up and down and sideways.
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:10, archived)
# Mighty mouse?
The mighty mice are pretty good. Although it doesn't look like they're 2 button, it does actually detect whether you're clicking on the right or left side, and it's got a scroll 'wheel' on top which also moves side to side as well.

You can also set it to do something when you squeeze the sides of it as well, but that's a bit weird.

Still, it's expensive compared to other mice, but what do you expect, it's a bloody Apple :-D
(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:12, archived)
[challenge entry]
or this

(, Thu 27 Jul 2006, 10:10, archived)
# Mouse
Uhh, Microsoft doesn't make them either. Solution to problem = buy USB mouse of choice, plug into USB Apple running os9 or later, there is no third step. I bought a cheap red eye optical USB wheel+two butttons mouse on e-bay a few months ago and it works fine (a lot cheaper than the mighty as well).
(, Sat 29 Jul 2006, 15:44, archived)