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[challenge entry] This competition is a terrible thing.
I have just made a black and white picture of Frazer standing outside his flat and I got as far as giving him a movable mouth before I realise that it's not reasonabled to post shit like that, but he must have known that he was invoking a bag of racist shit from the idiots?

I am one of the strongest defenders of the compos, but this one is ill conceived. It's like it was designed to produce a tirade of casual racism and make the board look like a bunch of inbred twats.

I feel disappointed. Those people who are trying to get it right are being drowned in a flood of shit jokes. I'm not opposed to a joke which relies on skin colour for it's humour, but for Christ's sake guys, come on.

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(, Wed 28 Feb 2007, 22:58, archived)
# Winner!
(, Wed 28 Feb 2007, 23:04, archived)
# ^ THIS
having said that, we may get some good entries.

Also, it's quite possibly a good way of finding racist cnuts to ban/put on ignore list.
(, Wed 28 Feb 2007, 23:08, archived)
# ^that
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 8:24, archived)
# I have to agree here
I mean, I came up with a black Moby Dick and it was completely drowned by inverted black and white images ;)
(, Wed 28 Feb 2007, 23:16, archived)
# Sturgeon's law applies
Sure, 90% of the posts in the compo will be crud (mine would be, so I haven't posted one), but then 90% of everything is crud.

The crud will fade into the background - the genuinely good ones will FP.

And anyway, since when did it take a compo idea to get b3tans to be casually offensive?
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 2:20, archived)
# It brings out that idea of what is acceptably offensive...
I've told people that NOTHING is taboo on here EXCEPT racism.

Maybe this compo is a chance to break the final barricade.

Or maybe not.
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 8:52, archived)