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[challenge entry] Bad icon...

..I'll get my coat.

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(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 12:55, archived)
# Ooooh you Trekkie!
I have made my own bot here
with a b3tan twist. Just don't ask where it lives or what it does for fun!
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 12:56, archived)
# he he he
Human: fuck it
Munt: Why are you using that kind of language?

Human: because i'm a cunt!
Munt: That makes sense to me. You are a cunt? Does it pay well?
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 13:02, archived)
# hee hee
Human: I am touching cloth.
Munt: Do your friends call you touching cloth.

Human: No, they call me turtle head.
Munt: Are you serious? I am always glad to make new friends, turtle head.
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 13:05, archived)
# She says
she was made by Tony Blair???
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 13:07, archived)
# She was...
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 13:09, archived)
# mmmm
it wasn't supposed to be a star trek icon - it was mean't to be a coat! (see!)
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 13:13, archived)
# tj
Human: do you like george w bush?
G. Bot: he He is okay but I am a not a Republican.

Human: is it ok to attack iraq
G. Bot: I don't think it is very healthy.

Human: what is that thing around your neck
G. Bot: it is a picture of my brain.
(, Fri 24 Jan 2003, 12:57, archived)