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# Bee Prepared

There is a trailer for me and Crab Bloke's upcoming Giant Bee movie up on NiceCupOfTeaAndA SitDown.com
(, Sat 17 Nov 2001, 4:29, archived)
# Grrr.....!
that's gonna be friggin awesome! Wil slug Britney be there?
(, Sat 17 Nov 2001, 5:02, archived)
# Wow
I've totally written off Harry Potter and LOTR now. I'm going to stay by my computer day in day out awaiting the arrival of that!
(, Sat 17 Nov 2001, 7:22, archived)
# Incidentally
if you right-click and select "play" just after the websites come up, you can get it so that the end music goes straight into the beginning music.

I need more than a short trailer. please please PLEASE finish it soon! (though not at the expense of quality of course. quit your jobs to work on it full time, or something.)
(, Sat 17 Nov 2001, 10:14, archived)
# If you stop the movie
At the skating scene it will actually keep playing the bee skating around over and over. Does that help.
(, Sat 17 Nov 2001, 10:25, archived)
# Yes
It most definitely does, thankyou!
(, Sat 17 Nov 2001, 11:10, archived)
# can b3ta get the first option on
distribution rights?
(, Sat 17 Nov 2001, 18:12, archived)