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# Okay, Manley's tips:
Cut out the face, far too large. Choose one which is facing in a similar direction or you're never going to win. (obviously it can be rotated, but you'll not get a profile onto a full frontal (phnarr!)).

Turn down the transparency of your pasted on face. Now you can manipulate it until the eyes on your face match those of the face below. It may make sense, if there is hair etc, to also squidge the face or stretch it, that's at your discretion.

Make your face opaque again. Cut off as much as you can without showing the features below. If you have a particularly wrinkly man you may wish to keep the wrinkles, etc, but generally it is easier if you keep the jowls, ears, etc of the original face. Clearly this isn't always possible, but it's easier. If impossible a headswap may be better?

Realise that the shadows on your new face do not match the lighting in the image. Fuck that face off and find another, cursing Manley for not mentioning this at the beginning when he was banging on about profiles. Find better face and repeat previous steps.

Fiddle with the levels, curves, contrast, brightness and saturation until your face pretty much exactly matches (I keep the edges fairly sharp for this so that it is more obvious when the tie in).

Feather your edges. Where they remain obvious use a very gentle stroke tool to splurdge them.

On the original image use the smudge tool to remove all the features from the underlying face. Keep the colours the same (shadow, etc) but utterly obscure definition.

Lower the opacity of the new face until you are happy (this ties it in better, but usually is around 90% or so).

Flatten the image.

Burn a couple of shadows across the face (and add some highlights) to further tie in the two images.

Post on B3ta.
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 15:25, archived)
# Nice
that'll learn me well
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 15:29, archived)
# Sadly, face swaps do become ridiculously joyless after a while.
I made a few and chuckled away to myself, in particular the paul daniels / debbie Mkgee ones, but now I find them to have lost some of their charm - it's always best when something is really hard.

So Jim says, anyway.
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 15:32, archived)
# Ta
muchly. You be a good person
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 15:30, archived)
# Thank you.
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 15:32, archived)
# This is probably the best 'shop I've ever done. NSFW
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 15:33, archived)
# just looking
at both PnP'S one there, and Pedantichrist's Paul and Debbie image - and am humbled. I will flagellate myself at your feet now...
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 15:35, archived)

(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 16:03, archived)
# *steals your knowledge*
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 15:32, archived)
# Head swapping...

...almost as fun as kitten shopping.
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 16:19, archived)
# shopped pictures only, please
. .
(, Sat 21 Jul 2007, 17:44, archived)