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# More engineering tales...

I decided to continue playing with this concept. What do you think of it?

(The first one is here.)

Click for bigger (86KB)
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:12, archived)
# Heheh, I loikes that
I saw it coming (heh) from the preview, but still made me smile when I read it
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:17, archived)
# i really hope that's even half-true
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:24, archived)
# me too
I put so much effort in reading it, and it would be wasted otherwise.
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:26, archived)
# Easily verified...
...by posting the Google Maps view.
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:46, archived)
# Hell no!
I could still get in some trouble for that! I'm keeping very quiet as to where that subdivision is!
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:57, archived)
# Things like this happen more than you'd think.
For instance, the US Navy's "accidental" arrangement of buildings:

That's obviously an old practical joke that was kept silent for a very long time. I just wonder how many people were in on the joke.

I was told of a college whose parking was carefully laid out so that from the president's house the lights spelled out "FUCK YOU"...
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 15:09, archived)
# Ha!
That reminds me of my moment of QOTW fame
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:26, archived)
# And best of all...
...it ties into this week's QOTW!
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:38, archived)
# Haha, these are ace and I like them both greatly.
these are ace and I like them both greatly.I'd like you to have this intergalactic cross-series woo in apprecation:

(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:31, archived)