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[challenge entry] test

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(, Mon 6 May 2002, 15:56, archived)
# icle
(, Mon 6 May 2002, 15:59, archived)
# If you hit
the 'preview' button when you are composing a message, you can see how it will come out without posting to the board
nice pic btw, think i might buy that game
(, Mon 6 May 2002, 16:02, archived)
# thanx
my first attempt... i'm rather unfamiliar with photoshop... know how to cut, paste, and some lighting effects... hehe.. i had to play with the filters for awhile before i realized how to give him that white-gloved hand without making it a solid white... and then realized Ronnie's glove is yellow.. ah well...

any good sites you know of easy-to-follow tutorials on Photoshop?

BTW Quake 3 is an addiction :) It is why i never wanted to get into Everquest... if something as simple as Q3 has kept me addicted for over a year... what would i be like on Evercrack? hehe.
(, Mon 6 May 2002, 16:08, archived)
# This
is quite good:

(, Mon 6 May 2002, 16:21, archived)
# ok
thanx a bunch.. i'll check it out
(, Mon 6 May 2002, 17:28, archived)
[challenge entry] That remind me...

I revised my pic a little. Seems to fit this thread well.
(, Mon 6 May 2002, 18:57, archived)