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This is a normal post So people are racist
Because the thought police have decided that they imagine themselves to be superior?

Well that's definitely an improvement.
(, Tue 30 Jun 2020, 14:40, Reply)
This is a normal post Well, one of us is being dense here.
I took this to mean that the superiority is imagined by a third party, not the person who - as seems clear in the post - does not see themself as superior/privileged.
(, Tue 30 Jun 2020, 15:34, Reply)
This is a normal post Possibly I'm misunderstanding.
But I was thinking about the sentence "Check your imagined superiority" in my head.
(, Tue 30 Jun 2020, 19:57, Reply)
This is a normal post I didn't go there, but I see where you're coming from*
It was the "they reject the idea that they are privileged" bit that gave me my interpretation. And I thought it worked well until I saw how easy it was to misunderstand.
Maybe not summing up complex ideas in pretty, two-word soundbites was the real treasure all along.

*The end of your penis
(, Tue 30 Jun 2020, 22:32, Reply)
This is a normal post Basically, I don't think this substitution works,
because depending on the context you're gonna get very different results.
(, Wed 1 Jul 2020, 9:53, Reply)
This is a normal post You have convinced me.
As a direct substitution it doesn't work in all cases. But for describing the issue, longform, it still feels like it could be more helpful than the soiled phrase 'privilege'.
This place has really gone downhill with all your rational arguments and polite debate. I come here to be called a cunt and then ignored.
(, Wed 1 Jul 2020, 12:11, Reply)
This is a normal post Cunt
(, Wed 1 Jul 2020, 16:11, Reply)
This is a normal post Oh.
If it helps I can get my cock out. I can maybe wave it around a bit.
(, Wed 1 Jul 2020, 16:39, Reply)
This is a normal post Still feels like polite intercourse.
At least slap me in the face with it.
(, Wed 1 Jul 2020, 18:41, Reply)
This is a normal post I'll shit on your face if you like you big spastic.

(, Thu 2 Jul 2020, 0:11, Reply)
This is a normal post Oh B3ta, never change.

(, Thu 2 Jul 2020, 11:30, Reply)
This is a normal post I always think of the vinyl police whenever anyone invokes thought policing
in this case: "nee naw nee naw nee naw nee naw. Your nicked mate, for making a derivative, misinformed or otherwise shitty comment. Your punishment will be to be shamed on late night channel 4."
(, Tue 30 Jun 2020, 16:12, Reply)
This is a normal post I'm not usually one to mention thought policing,
but if the diagnostic used to to determine if someone is racist is to examine their imagination for any signs of a superiority complex, then that's pretty much the definition of thought policing.
(, Tue 30 Jun 2020, 16:22, Reply)