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This is a link post Changed the world 4evar

(, Sun 12 Sep 2021, 11:01, Reply)
This is a normal post :(

(, Sun 12 Sep 2021, 12:21, Reply)
This is a normal post saw a show about the drone operators
a lot of them live in vegas, work normal 8 hour shifts, go shopping, do some bowling, go see a movie, commute to creech air force base where they sit their fat arse in front of a screen and pilot a drone on the other side of the world, incinerating targets like this poor blokes and his kids, then maybe get a doughnut on the way home from krispy creme.
amazing they somehow failed to win over the afghani populace, ay?
(, Sun 12 Sep 2021, 14:21, Reply)
This is a normal post Not dissimilar
but at work in the early 2010s, I happened to overhear a USAF officer discussing the difficulty that the B2 crews were having flying Afghan combat missions out of Whiteman AFB in the US, dropping bombs and missiles half a world away then going back home to their families.

To which my internal reaction was: "Good".
(, Sun 12 Sep 2021, 18:54, Reply)
This is a normal post Terrorists
Suicide vest in a packed marketplace or a hellfire missile gatecrashing a wedding. Both are acts of terrorism.
(, Tue 14 Sep 2021, 10:37, Reply)
This is a normal post Nothing new here
move along...

Seriously, the US has a long history of extrajudicial killings using drones based on metadata, sometimes just mobile phone data, which is sketchy at best if there are no eyes and ears on the ground. It's a great way of ensuring you create more 'terrorists', which in turn is a great way of selling more drones, particularly if you aren't able to be held accountable for your actions, which of course the US has been careful to engineer.
(, Sun 12 Sep 2021, 18:07, Reply)