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This is a link post I made these pictures move: February 2020 I made this!
square, innit

(, Fri 28 Feb 2020, 11:55, , Reply)
This is a normal post Is good...
Floaty head man would make a good game of asteroids. Shoot lasers from his eyes.
(, Fri 28 Feb 2020, 16:54, , Reply)
This is a normal post Very good, as always.

(, Fri 28 Feb 2020, 21:49, , Reply)
This is a normal post Outstanding!

(, Fri 28 Feb 2020, 21:55, , Reply)
This is a normal post Terry Jones
not Terry Gilliam. just came here from the newsletter and I think Rob has the wrong Terry.....moving pictures are v good though......but T Jones didn't make them move in Python......
(, Mon 16 Mar 2020, 23:03, , Reply)
This is a normal post Gilliam, not Jones
No, Rob meant Gilliam and his recent old white man BS: www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/features/terry-gilliam-interview-harvey-weinstein-victims-metoo-race-a9269136.html
(, Tue 17 Mar 2020, 10:38, , Reply)