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On a school trip, a boy in my brother's class crapped himself down a Dutch mine, writes Richard mcbeef off the Internet. The teachers tried to blame the smell on sulphur but the truth came out when they left the mine, as the boy was wearing chinos with massive dark brown streaks running down the back of his legs.

Do you have a funny story of your own?

(, Thu 18 Jun 2015, 12:30)
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I sold this Makita cordless power drill in the local paper, and then 6 months later I received the very same one back as a Christmas present from my brother-in-law, minus the power pack.
(, Thu 18 Jun 2015, 12:48, 5 replies)
Ah hah hah... ah hah hah hah hah... hah hah hah...
(, Thu 18 Jun 2015, 12:49, closed)
There's a very real chance you could win this week

(, Thu 18 Jun 2015, 14:34, closed)
I was so close last week!

(, Thu 18 Jun 2015, 14:48, closed)
I wonder who got the power pack

(, Thu 18 Jun 2015, 18:28, closed)
was it one of the 36v ones?
because those are the very knees of the bee.

almost as good as infected spinal column in a bap
(, Thu 18 Jun 2015, 22:44, closed)

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