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This is a question Parents

"They fuck you up, your mum and dad" said Philip Larkin. Did he have a point? Perhaps yours are merely horrendously embarrassing? Or are you yourself that embarrassing or terrible parent? No tedious McCannery or nonce strikethroughs please, ffs.

(, Mon 6 Jun 2016, 15:43)
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I don't have parents
as I am a Gallifreyan and was born from my House Loom (Skagraxxadon).

So, sorry sweeetieseze, no story this weeek!



(, Sat 11 Jun 2016, 15:23, 10 replies)
Why is it that Swipey hasn't bullied you off the board?

(, Sun 12 Jun 2016, 20:59, closed)
It appears to be immune
In fact it thrives on it.

Be an interesting case study for a psychology student, no?
(, Mon 13 Jun 2016, 16:36, closed)
nothing it ever does is interesting
(, Mon 13 Jun 2016, 18:26, closed)
Two negatives make a positive!

Thanks sweeeeeeeetiiieee!

(, Mon 13 Jun 2016, 18:56, closed)
We are secret lezz lovers!
(, Mon 13 Jun 2016, 18:31, closed)

(, Mon 13 Jun 2016, 19:28, closed)
But secret no more
And her vaginal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired. Slap some Canesten on dear or at least change your dunghampers more frequently, I mean, POO ERRR!
(, Mon 13 Jun 2016, 20:04, closed)
Just a quick enquiry to find out how that fire's coming along.
If you could manage to die in it before next week's QOTW that would be greatly appreciated.
(, Tue 14 Jun 2016, 18:22, closed)
Thanks sweeeeeeeetiiieee
Big kisses

(, Tue 14 Jun 2016, 19:24, closed)

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