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This is a question Stories of unsurpassed brilliance

This "Week" The suggestion comes from Kroney who muses

"Whilst I was passing through Miami airport at the tender age of 21, I fancied a beer. "ID" said the charming Southerner behind the desk, so I got out my passport and showed it to her.

"You have to be 21," she said. Now this confused me slightly as I had been 21 for several months by this point and my date of birth was staring her in my face.

"I am 21," I replied helpfully "it says so there, look"

"You have to be 21", she said getting angry.

Cut a long story short, I argued, the manager came out, I argued with him before I finally realised that they weren't looking at the date of birth at all. They were looking at the date of *issue*

That would have made me an annoyingly precocious four year old. What examples of unsurpassed mental genius have you experienced?"""""""

(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 9:24)
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Irish pub in Atlanta
Pint of Guinness please.
Is that a small pint or a large one?
(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 12:03, 9 replies)
16 vs 20
Actually a legit question in the US. Most pints in pubs come in 16 fluid oz, some pubs, English & Irish offer a "full" 20 fluid oz pint. Very common when it comes to Guinness.
(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 12:48, closed)
the easiest way to avoid this issue is to ask for things in metric
i would like 568ml of guinness please
(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 13:19, closed)
But a US 20 ounce pint is 591 mL.

(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 22:42, closed)
a US ml is equal to 1.04 EU ml
(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 23:52, closed)
Don't be silly.
A US ounce is 29.5735 mL, while a UK ounce is 28.4131 mL.
(, Tue 22 Nov 2016, 1:42, closed)

The metric system is the tool of the devil
(, Tue 22 Nov 2016, 9:33, closed)
A fair p(o)int well made.
In this case though, the 'small' option was a 'half',
(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 13:22, closed)

In which case, burn Atlanta to the ground! (again)
(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 23:39, closed)
Isn't that the one at the bottom of the sea?

(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 23:51, closed)

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