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This is a question Abusing freebies

A friend of mine recently attended a 'Champaign Lunch', where he was compelled drink as much fizzy stuff as he could between the first and last courses. In an ideal world we'd ask restaurant staff to tell us stories about fatties stuffing themselves at All You Can Eat places, but we recognise that our members don't all work in the catering trade, so for the rest of you - tell us something about abusing freebies. BTW: Bee puns = you fail.

(, Thu 8 Nov 2007, 14:16)
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Almost everything for a couple of years.
In my last flat, my housemate was friends with a couple of guys whose job it was to go round to newly-bought houses and present the new occupants with a greetings box from the local supermarket. These boxes contained all the supermarket's new lines - the stuff that they were really trying to push on people - but generally each one would contain 2 air fresheners, 2 blue toilet fresheners, 2 lightbulbs, 2 jars of curry sauce, 2 jars of pasta sauce, 2 packets of rice, 2 bog rolls, 2 bars of chocolate...you get the idea. On more than one occasion each box had four bottles of beer in it. These guys got paid £1 for each box they delivered, so whenever they were passing they would drop off 40-50 of them at our flat, earning themselves a tidy sum for very little work, and keeping us in provisions until they next came back. I think the only thing I spent money on during that time was tobacco.

I still have about 30 lightbulbs left :)
(, Thu 8 Nov 2007, 15:11, Reply)

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