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This is a question Abusing freebies

A friend of mine recently attended a 'Champaign Lunch', where he was compelled drink as much fizzy stuff as he could between the first and last courses. In an ideal world we'd ask restaurant staff to tell us stories about fatties stuffing themselves at All You Can Eat places, but we recognise that our members don't all work in the catering trade, so for the rest of you - tell us something about abusing freebies. BTW: Bee puns = you fail.

(, Thu 8 Nov 2007, 14:16)
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I used to read the Funday Times religiously every Sunday before it went completely downhill (or maybe I just grew up). However my parents still think it’s cute to send it to me every now and then (even on my gap year and year abroad in the rainforests of Peru…). I think it’s stopped now either that or my folks have realised that I really don’t want to read it anymore!

Anyhoo. In one week’s edition that I received in my 2nd year at uni, it told us of a website where we could order a free demo of the forthcoming Quidditch computer game. Since I was next to my comp at the time I promptly ordered a PC version and then a PS2 version to play on housemate’s machine. Then promptly forgot all about it.
About a month later I received a parcel through the post. I opened it up and there was a full edition of the game with a note apologising for the lateness of the demo, and a peace offering of the full game on PS2. Score!

Another month after, in the run up for Christmas I receive a massive parcel. Having no idea what it could be I ripped it open to find loads of Harry Potter goodies (scarves, badges, a jumper, etc.) and a note apologising for the lateness, etc.
That was my Christmas Shopping sorted…

Length? It can go on for years til someone gets the snitch….
(, Wed 14 Nov 2007, 17:36, 1 reply)
No, you're right
The Funday Times did go downhill. I carried on reading it for old times sake after growing up, then it changed.

Not as bad as my brother in law. He got The Beano as a local newsagent subscription right into his early thirties.
(, Wed 14 Nov 2007, 19:26, closed)

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