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This is a question Addicted

Cigarettes, gambling, porn and booze. What's your addiction? How low have you sunk and how have you tried to beat it?

Thanks to big-girl's-blouse for the suggestion

(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 16:42)
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im going to regret this....

You know how they say most people think about sex every few seconds of the day? well replace sex with cat and youve got yourself in my world.

I look forward to coming home just to get made a big deal of by her...Ive cancelled holidays, gone hungry so she can eat, spent hundereds at the vets making sure she is 100%, and I love to bury my face in her fur and sniff her. Cos she smells so nice. Ive never raised a finger to her, rarely shout at her... shes gets whatever she wants (within reason), oh and if she doesnt approve of a potential new lover he gets the sack. She is one of the healthiest, happiest, friendliest cats youll ever meet.

She is my addiction. I am a cat addict.
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 12:29, 12 replies)
Have you combined both?
And tried to get addicted to copulating with your cat?
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 12:32, closed)
thats.... disturbing.... no... ewwwww gross...
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 12:42, closed)
As it's a feline related post
Can we have some pictures please?

Ah, gwan, gwan...
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 13:40, closed)
My eyes first fell upon the segment of phrase
"Sex with Cat"

But having read the rest of it, anticipating some foul confession of bestiality, your cat does in fact sound quite charming. Carry on.
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 14:27, closed)
This, combined with your sig, made me lol

(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 14:31, closed)

...you my girlfriend?? I swear she is the living embodiment of Dr Dolittle...
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 16:10, closed)
Cats are ace
just wormed mine for Christmas. Did they struggle or fret? No, there purred and then gave Mummy a dirty look when she shoved a pill down their neck, then they continued to purr.
Tomorrow they have a special treat, cat milk some kitty crack from the pet shop they go mad for and a dose of front line. Then next year, Little Maccie is going to have his balls sliced off.
I love my cats very much and want them to be healthy all year round.
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 16:20, closed)
and they call it
pussy lo-o-o-ove
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 18:08, closed)
Me too!
I am now down to one old lady cat, Jeff. She's friendly, healthy, cheeky... all the good catty stuff.
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 18:26, closed)
Fair enough so
But I have the opposite problem. They won't leave me alone. At all. I think I may be some sort of kitty Messiah because as soon as most cats meet me they jump on me, purring and using me as a cushion. Incidentally I am not responsible for the ceiling cat meme. However cats for some reason I have yet to understand will not leave me alone... And the irony in all this? I much prefer dogs. You can't take a cat hiking.
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 22:29, closed)

cant remember how to post pics so have a link to a pic of little mooky!!
(, Wed 24 Dec 2008, 22:48, closed)
How bloody cute
And lazy looking
(, Thu 25 Dec 2008, 0:46, closed)

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