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This is a question Best and worst TV ads

"I'd like to give that dodo off the 5 Alive adverts a good kicking," says tom.joad. And luckily, there's tasty, tasty Cillit Bang to clean up the blood stains when you've finished. Tell us about TV adverts.

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 15:17)
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Stiltskin-Inside, Levi 501s.
Great tune, reasonably good advert.

(, Fri 16 Apr 2010, 11:44, 3 replies)
I can't wear 501s.
I walk too much, so my thighs are huge. I can't fit into a pair of 501s.

This saddens me.
(, Fri 16 Apr 2010, 11:47, closed)
i wanked
over the bird in that advert for about 4 years. Continuously (no not the younger one). I still have the posters somewhere. Awesome. Might have to go for a retro wank. Thanks for reminding me. Have a click.
(, Fri 16 Apr 2010, 13:25, closed)
Was gonna post this and then saw yours
Stiltskin did the music. Bought the album based on the music from the advert. It was shit, apart from 'Inside'.
(, Mon 19 Apr 2010, 20:11, closed)

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