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This is a question When Animals Attack

I once witnessed my best friend savaged near to death by a flock of rampant killer sheep.

It's a kill-or-be-killed world out there and poor Steve Irwin never made it back alive. Tell us your tales of survival.

(, Thu 24 Apr 2008, 14:45)
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As I said a few moments back, why the fuckery bollix do the mods seem to completely ignore the 114+ pages of suggestions?

That said, attack happy animals may be a shit QOTW subject but it's whole leagues better than "Mix Tapes" or "Cheap Tat" which pushed my b3ta loyalties to the very limit.

One can only presume that our awesome powers of posting are being tested by mods thinking "how shit can we make it this week?".
(, Thu 24 Apr 2008, 17:07, Reply)

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