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This is a question Annoying Partners

As a recent divorcee, it would be churlish to reveal what annoys me the most about my ex, apart from that unfortunate business with the crinkle-cut beetroot which tipped us over the edge. So, what winds you up about your significant other? If you have no partner, tell us about workmates. If you have no workmates, improvise with an annoying tramp

(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 14:47)
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But... but...
One fine day, I gradually became aware of an "atmosphere" between the GF and me. She was one of those annoying types who believe that "You should know what's wrong", which is fucking irritating unless you happen to be psychic.

Well, I couldn't remember having made lecherous comments about her sister, wiping my nose on her antique lace bedspread, or staggering in drunk then attempting to do her up the wrong 'un before falling asleep in a fug of noxious Guinness farts, or anything else for that matter, so I attempted to ignore it.

But after a second day of frosty looks and folded arms, I eventually cracked and insisted she told me what was wrong.

Apparently I'd been unfaithful to her.

In her dream.

I can't even begin to analyse the fucked-up mind-state that would lead her to conclude that a) I should know about this, and b) should apologise to her for it. But that was where she was.

It didn't last much longer.
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 16:58, 11 replies)
I have been accused
of all sorts of dream shenanigans, but luckily they seem to be so ridiculous that any crossness is quickly dissipated.
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 17:38, closed)
I've been there
and I won't be the only one to reply with that.
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 17:48, closed)
My ex wife refused to speak to me for a whole day because I'd "been nasty" to her, in a dream.
Fucking mental case.
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 18:07, closed)
except for 'ex-wife' read 'ex-flatmate'. Top lass but I can't help feeling a bit sorry for her boyfriend...
(, Sat 6 Aug 2011, 18:31, closed)
yep, and know mates this has happened to.
I'm not saying this proves all women are nuts, just lots and lots of them.
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 18:15, closed)
I shagged her best mate,
And she caught me. In her dream of course. I wouldn't have minded, but her mate is a minger and I would have to be seriously tanked up to even consider it for real. Apparently I was laughing when she caught me at it, so I was a double cunt.
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 18:26, closed)
There's a lot of 'she' in the replies
So I'd like to balance it by saying my husband does this a LOT.

My favourite time was when in the night he'd been sleep-whisking-out-the-pillows-from-under-my-head (because apparently he'd stapled something to the mattress and they were definitely under there. In his MIND), I had initially been annoyed at him until I realised he was asleep. So then I started laughing.

He didn't speak to me for the whole day following because I'd been 'mean to him about the pillows and laughed at him'.

He does this ALL THE TIME. Sometimes following another 'doing something' episode. Often I've had no contact with him at all, and he's DREAMT I'd laughed, and then I get the cold shoulder for no apparent reason.

The other week my big and swarthy husband got cross at me for laughing at him because he'd got up in the night realising he was naked and needed to put on a red bikini.

(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 18:38, closed)
She was cheating on you ...
.. or at very least she wanted to cheat on you with somebody specific.

Women pull this shit to project their own fears, insecurities and misdeeds onto their partner in order to allow themselves to feel less bad about their own fucked up internal state.

It's the same deal when she tells you what she "thinks you're feeling" and then refuses to listen to the fact that her assessment of your internal feelings is completely at odds with reality. She doesn't care how you actually feel, since she's really just telling you how she feels.

This woman needed to be angry with you over this "infidelity" (even if it was only in her head) so she could feel less guilty about her own transgressions.
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 21:38, closed)
Well that's a relief.

(, Sat 6 Aug 2011, 11:13, closed)
I get this from my wife, but not nearly often enough
The make up sex is always awesome!
(, Sat 6 Aug 2011, 19:43, closed)
You think that's a fucked up mind state?
I have those dreams about Falstaffette, but I don't wake up angry, I wake up with morning wood you could push through a steel door.

(, Sun 7 Aug 2011, 13:14, closed)

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