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This is a question Bad Ideas

"Let's get all the fireworks and pile dog shit on top of them". I can't believe I actually said that, and I still can't believe I was the one who lit them and couldn't run away in time. Tell us about your spectacularly misjudged ideas.

Suggested by Pig Bodine

(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 13:15)
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Letting Ridley Scott do Prometheus. Never have so many people been employed to write
interesting points of view regarding the fact that - you did not get it. Oh, I got it alright. It was shit.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 15:41, 16 replies)
He's just bad at dialogue.
He has this fetish for giving his characters long, poetic and expositional lines, despite the fact that no-one in real life speaks like that. "The Counsellor" was even more guilty of this.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 15:46, closed)
that doesn't really explain why the premise, the characterisation, and the plot were also absolute bollocks

(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 15:55, closed)
No, but I like to think it was Ridley's own personal contribution.
The rest was just the people involved thinking "It's another Alien film; how could it not be a smash hit?", and falling victim to institutional laziness.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 15:59, closed)
I was referring to the many websites that exist to tell you that it is great, not the dialogue of the
film which was just appalling.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 16:04, closed)
I know.
I have read these same websites, and laughed at them.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 18:03, closed)
As much as I like Ridley Scott, he's a great ad director and it shows in his features. He's brilliant at the look, the feel, the concept. Trying to be too profound and clever gets a bit clunky, though.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 16:39, closed)
There was one idiot saying "But we'll need to wait for the Director's Cut, then it'll all come together".
And another one admitting he found it hard to follow, "But it was beautifully shot".
Fucking morons.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 16:40, closed)
It was quite nice to look at, mind.

(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 16:51, closed)
Give Vaggy his account back, Mark Kermode.

(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 16:57, closed)
Yeah and if you look close enough to the styllised hieroglyphs on the ancient monuments have like all the answers because Ridley did all that on purpose and anyway you just don't get it

(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 18:23, closed)
I liked the bit where they had to edit together ten different takes to complete Charlize's 'running in a straight line away from the rolling thing' scene
on account of the fact she can't run for more than 5 seconds before getting all wheezy
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 16:58, closed)
I keep warning people who haven't seen it yet, that it's not worth buying on DVD
They refuse to believe me. They buy it. Then they moan how dull it is.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 18:05, closed)
laughable rather than dull

(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 18:25, closed)
I thought the whole 'space Jesus' thing was particularly risible

(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 18:11, closed)
And the
There's an old man in suspended animation stowed away on board, but only Charlize knew about him.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 18:37, closed)

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