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This is a question Bad Ideas

"Let's get all the fireworks and pile dog shit on top of them". I can't believe I actually said that, and I still can't believe I was the one who lit them and couldn't run away in time. Tell us about your spectacularly misjudged ideas.

Suggested by Pig Bodine

(, Thu 24 Jul 2014, 13:15)
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I once had a shit in the shower rather than face the hassle of getting out and going to the toilet whose bowl was over 5 feet away
When I attempted to stamp the turds down the drain, all they did was clog it up, and the shower started overflowing until the bathmat was soaked and flecked with faecal matter. In hindsight, it was a bad idea, but it was ok: it was somebody else's bathroom
(, Sun 27 Jul 2014, 14:38, 4 replies)
Did they say you could use their shower
when you only went in the bathroom for a shit?
(, Sun 27 Jul 2014, 15:14, closed)
"Next time it'll shit in the sink."

(, Sun 27 Jul 2014, 16:58, closed)

(, Sun 27 Jul 2014, 18:16, closed)

You're supposed to throw them onto the conservatory roof.
(, Sun 27 Jul 2014, 19:18, closed)

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