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This is a question Barred

I've only ever been barred from one pub, the "Fort St George in England" on Midsummer Common in Cambridge.*

I was part of a group caught drunkenly trying to add our names in biro to a historic signed cricket bat. I still have the pint glass I was holding as I was chucked out.

Where have you been banned from?

*All pubs in Cambridge have posh names like this. 25% fact

(, Thu 31 Aug 2006, 12:00)
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Christmas - good cheer and (too much) drinking
I've just remember another couple. Both related to Little Chef again, there must have been something in the water at that place I reckon.

Two successive staff Christmas parties resulted in the entire staff of the restaurant being banned from the pubs they were held in.

The first was fairly tame, only one person was sick over the bar and the Christmas decorations we stole at the end (all of them) weren't exactly expensive. Fair exchange for the fact we spent a sum of money roughly equal to the third world debt at the bar, I reckon.

The next year a different pub, they'd been forewarned of our kleptomaniac tendencies so had cleared the bar of anything shiny beforehand. In true festive fashion we'd gone for a 'few' warm up pints prior, resulting in me hardly being able to see, let alone stand up in a straight line, by the time we pitched up for the meal.

All went well, good food and good Christmas cheer, until my then girlfriend went to the toilet and reappeared with the manager, who was holding a toilet seat in his hand. Somehow she was so pissed she'd managed to break it off the toilet, making so much noise in the process that he'd heard and gone in to investigate.

Cue her being chucked out and banned, obviously I couldn't leave her on the street (was mighty tempting though, I hadn't finished my meal yet) so stood up to walk out with her and was rewarded with a ban of my own, despite having been sat down enjoying my food. Cue me chucking the rest of my meal at the wall in protest, kicking off a huge food fight as I walked out with this huge fat woman screaming abuse at me. I had to go in the next day and pay for the damage.

As with the previous post I've learnt my lesson and now just try to fall asleep in corners when I get too pissed instead of making a scene (not that I'm claiming I can manage this 100% of the time). It's not worth it, kids.

[length joke]
(, Tue 5 Sep 2006, 10:13, Reply)

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