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This is a question The Best / Worst thing I've ever eaten

Pinckas Ben Nochkan says: Tell us tales of student kitchen disasters and stories of dining decadence. B3ta Mods say: "Minge" does not a funny answer make

(, Thu 26 May 2011, 14:09)
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On my stag weekend I was handed a glass of something that looked angry called Firebomb.

Its basically whisky mixed with hot chillies.

It tastes worse than it sounds.
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 12:45, 3 replies)

Sounds familiar. My initiation drink at one of my first jobs was half a pint of tequilla mixed with tabasco sauce.

Couldn't talk for at least twenty minutes.
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 12:58, closed)
i laughed when taking shots of chilli vodka with my mates, went up my nose
my nose and eyes were streaming for about an hour

fucking disgusting anyways
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 14:20, closed)
On the other hand Fireball Whiskey is very nice
It's a Cinnamon Whiskey
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 18:56, closed)

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